Pregnancy Control

You have the possibility to be guided during your pregnancy by a midwife.

I do medical checks, and if necessary a blood sample. Together we hear the baby's heart and I monitor the child’s position and orientation.

When amniotic fluid controls or ultrasound check-ups are necessary, I can refer you to your gynaecologist.  If you do not have a gynaecologist or obstetrician, I can give a good recommendation.

It is possible to be advised by a gynaecologist and a midwife at the same time.

The cost of 6 pregnancy checks is covered by your health insurance.

pregnancy control, Schwangerschaftskontrollen

Initial consultation with the midwife

The midwife consultation is in addition to the normal pregnancy checks.  We have more time together to discuss your individual questions and the details of your pregnancy.

Possible topics we can discuss are fear of childbirth, any issues from the previous birth, or relieving pregnancy discomforts with massage are just a few examples.


Family care in case of child loss

You have become a mother even if you cannot hold the child in your arms. Was your child stillborn or died after birth?

Whatever the reason, you and your family will need care and are entitled to visits from a midwife in this difficult time. I accompany you through the ups and downs, watching the changes of your body and soul. When needed, I will refer you to further medical professionals.

The costs are covered by the basic insurance.